Code of Conduct

1. Treat all internal and external customers equally without discrimination and perform their duties clearly and transparently.

2. Do not follow unreasonable instructions that impair the fairness of job performance.

3. Do not make unreasonable demands or receive compensation from stakeholders using their superior and dominant position in business.

1. Do not engage in acts that deserve social criticism, such as receiving money or valuables, lending money, fraudulent orders, unfair mediation, solicitation, or granting preferential treatment that may interfere with the fair performance of one's or another.

2. Do not publicly inform interested parties in the course of their duties, and do not exceed the usual level of congratulations and condolences.

3. Do not receive souvenirs and gifts exceeding the simple level recognized by social norms.

4. Do not receive entertainment or convenience that exceeds the usual level of convention.

1. Do not use the company's internal information obtained directly or indirectly in relation to the performance of duties to prevent the person concerned or others from obtaining any illicit benefits.

2. Do not use the company's assets for personal business or purposes that are not directly related to the company's business.

3. Do not engage in side business activities or double employment for profit that may interfere with the work without the company's permission.

4. The company's budget shall be executed reasonably and efficiently in accordance with the purpose and standards.

1. Information requiring the company's trade secrets or security shall not be leaked to the outside without prior permission or approval even after retirement.

2. Information related to the company shall not be distorted, fabricated, or illegally damaged, and false facts or false rumors shall not be distributed.

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